antique, distressed mason jar

Antique, Distressed Mason Jars

My sister’s country themed bridal shower was coming up, and I needed to figure out what I could make for the table centerpieces. After doing some research, I decided that  I wanted to make antique mason jars with my own little twist using jute burlap twine. These jars turned out stunning not only were they the table centerpiece but also the conversational piece.

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Here is the list of the supplies you will need.

I used new mason jars. If you decide to use jars you already have, make sure to wash and dry thoroughly. I placed my jars on a cheap pizza pan that I already had at home, but you can pick one up at most stores for around $1.00. I felt using the pan made it easier to paint because I could move the jars around without repeatedly touching them.

You will need chalk paint-I used the Rust-Oleum brand-and a brush of your choice. I have tried both a regular paintbrush and a foam brush. I like using the foam brush better. It seems like the paint goes on more even, and you use less. 

Apply the paint in an even coat on your jars and let them dry. Once they have completely dried, apply a second coat and let dry. Once the jars are entirely dry, take your sandpaper and distress to your liking. 

To finish off the antique mason jar, I wrapped twine around the jar neck. It took wrapping the neck five times to cover it. I used hot glue to glue down each end of the twine.

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