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Best Mouse Poison Block that Works

Diy mouse removal using traps didn’t work for me; neither did mouse poisons. After much frustration, I eventually bought one of the highest-rated Bait Blocks on Amazon- JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block. You can exterminate your mice yourself with some homemade bait stations, or some cheap stations from Amazon, and a $30 bucket of JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block . The blocks work quite well! This is a cheapasdiy approved solution.

I recommend JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait – Amazon link

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best mouse killer

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Does it work

JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block is a first-generation anticoagulant. First-generation poisons are not immediate kill products. They require the mouse to feast on the block several times before killing- usually in about a week for rats and less for a mouse. It seems strange to prefer a product that takes a while to work, but its’ slow actions have several advantages.

Best mouse poison I have ever used

There are 144 bait blocks in a bucket. In one week, half of the bait blocks were gone, and the mice were gone as well. After seven days of placing these bait blocks, I had ULTIMATE SILENCE. The other half of the bucket has lasted over a year and is still working.

Decrease rejection and more toxic to rodents

effective mouse killer

The active ingredient in PN Bait Block is diphacinone. This poison is less likely to have a built-up resistance to it like Warfarin. Warfarin has been used as a mice killer for so long that it is losing its’ ability to kill. Also, diphacinone is more toxic to rodents than many other slow-acting rodenticides.

Mice will frequently nibble on a new food source to see if it makes them sick before eating a lot of it. Because PN Bait Block requires several feedings before the mouse dies, the mouse will not get bait shy and return to feed on it again. Furthermore, JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block is peanut-flavored which mice love.

Why is this better than other mouse bait blocks

  • Active ingredient diphacinone is more toxic to rodents than many other first-generation rodenticides.
  • Diphacinone is less likely to have a built-up resistance, like Warfarin.
  • The bait remains effective over a long period.
  • PN Bait Block is cheaper than most similar products.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    • decrease danger of harm to predators
    • safer for household use than some other products
    • relatively affordable
    • decrease chance of mice becoming bait shy
    • long-lasting
    • approved by the state of California
  • Cons
    • it is a poison and caution needs to be used
    • it does not immediately kill rodents
    • you will need to purchase bait stations
excellant rodenticide

Typical safety concerns with children & pets

It is not an immediate kill product, so not recommended if there is a need for prompt eradication such as disease found in the mouse population. It would be best to use an expert exterminator in this situation.

Less danger of secondary exposure

The danger of death to a secondary exposure-an animal like a cat eating a dead mouse- is reduced as the amount of active poison in the dead mouse is small. See symptoms listed below in “Less Danger to children and pets” to determine if your pet needs to see a veterinarian.

Less danger to children and pets

Because it works slowly, any accidental consumption of the product by children and pets can likely be treated by a veterinarian or doctor with Vitamin K before any harm occurs. Symptoms requiring attention may include bloodshot eyes, bleeding gums, and lethargy. Read all warnings and medical advice on the product’s label.

Use bait stations! Bait stations will make it difficult for pets and children to get to the bait. Keep the canister containing the bait up high with the lid sealed.

mouse killer block

How to use and place the bait

Remove any other food sources from that area which may include animal feces, pet food stored in a bag or in a container the mouse can enter, garbage bags, as well as human food from the area. Wait a few days before using the bait.

Seal any entry points. See How to Stop Rats From Coming Into Your Home .
Pay attention to where you see mouse activity.

Place the bait blocks in areas you notice mouse activity. Mice are wary of changes. Do not disturb the environment for a few days after placing the bait station and only then if you see the mice are using it such as droppings or nibbles on the cube.

Place the bait about fifty feet apart.

Use a bait station

There are two reasons for this. It prevents children and pets getting to the poison and prevents the mouse from dragging the bait around leaving brown granules (the poison) laying in the path.

mouse station

Maintaining your bait station

Check bait stations frequently. Always check your traps every few days. If the mice infestation is large, you may need to check daily.

Keep refreshing stations for an extended period. The first wave of rodents probably won’t be the last to come.

Medical treatment for the bait blocks

Like all poisons, it must be used safely. Follow label directions carefully.

If a child or pet should consume the poison, go to a veterinarian or doctor for treatment.

Accidental consumption of the product by children and pets can likely be treated by a veterinarian or doctor with Vitamin K before any harm occurs. Symptoms requiring attention may include bloodshot eyes, bleeding gums, and lethargy.

Why do i recommend
JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block

Mice are too big of a sanitary danger to ignore. Mice are also a health hazard as they may carry diseases such as Hantavirus, plague, rat-bite fever, and more. Please visit Diseases Directly Transmitted Diseases. Treating them is something you can do yourself. We recommend the product JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block because we have found it to be the best mouse poison we have ever used. Please click on the link to buy and read more about the product. The link is to an affiliate, clicking on it won’t change the price of the product and will help us produce more articles. Thank-you.

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