Functional Headboard with Charging Stations

Building a Functional Headboard with Basic Tools

I decided to do this headboard using just a circular saw and basic tools to prove you can do a beautiful, functional project without spending a fortune on tools. I’m creating a headboard that’s functional with room for chargers and reading lights. I really do have fun doing these projects, though. I have a video showing you how I put the headboard together and a quick tutorial showing the dimensions and the types of material used.

It has plenty of room to mount LED strips for reading lights. I used wood screws to secure the headboard to the wall directly into a stud. I also cut the shelf’s corners so you can easily slide a charger from the bottom to the top.

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Tools I used to create this headboard

Diagram of headboard and dimensions of woodcuts

The diagram is close but not exact to scale. I was able to use one sheet of plywood to cut all the parts for this headboard. I use another piece of plywood to make sure all my cuts were straight. If you have a table saw, I suggest using it. But, I wanted to show that you can make close enough cuts with a circular saw and a guide.

When I was building this, I made sure everything was square and straight as it can be. You can always fill in any nicks and chips with wood filler and sanding. The most crucial part is filling in all the eyesores and sanding everything down, so take your time.

Video of me putting it together

You can’t really see in the video, but I covered everything with a white-gray stain, and then I use a carbon gray stain and three coats of polyurethane. I can’t stress enough; the main finish is the wood sealer. Sand all your surfaces smooth and clean, so you have a beautiful project that will last a long time. Using solid wood is well worth it, and it will be in your family forever.

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