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Building a Functional Headboard with Basic Tools

Building a Functional Headboard with Basic Tools

I decided to do this headboard using just a circular saw and basic tools to prove you can do a beautiful, functional project without spending a fortune on tools. I'm creating a headboard that's functional with room for chargers and reading lights. I really do have fun...

Antique, Distressed Mason Jars

Antique, Distressed Mason Jars

My sister's country themed bridal shower was coming up, and I needed to figure out what I could make for the table centerpieces. After doing some research, I decided that  I wanted to make antique mason jars with my own little twist using jute burlap twine. These...

What To Do With Zucchini When You Have Too Much

What To Do With Zucchini When You Have Too Much

Have you tried all your bread recipes and now want other ways to use up all that zucchini when you have too much. There is a variety of ways you can add zucchini to dishes: Stir-Fry, Zucchini chips, Zapple pie, and Pizza. Also, there are several options for preserving...

How to Brand Your Business to Stand Out and Relate With Customers

Do you struggle with how to brand your business? Branding is you telling customers the impression you would like them to have of you. It is discovering what the customer wants and not guessing. It is finding your core values and sharing core values with your customers.

How to Get More Customers With Small Business Advertising

Getting frustrated with internet advertising?. Learn how to get more customers using marketing methods and calls to action. CheapAsDiy will help you on your way. Discover how explainer videos draw customers in and are their preferred advertising method.

How to make money quickly By attracting customers to your small business

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Introducing Helpful Core Values for Small Businesses

The core values you create for your small business can make your company a thriving place to work. This is because each value mirrors your passion for that business. Core values also help business owners determine whether they are on the right path to fulfilling their business goals. Core values establish the culture and focus for your business. They are a mindset that helps guide.

Know What Customers Want and How to Increase Sales

Knowing what the customer wants is essential to sales. I have a solution that works-stalking your competitors. Your competitors can teach you what your customers want. Instead of trial and error, you can quickly see what they want and what solutions they like. This information helps you make your websites and social media effective and enticing so people will prefer you over your competitors. A step-by-step guide.

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