How to Brand Your Business to Stand Out and Relate With Customers
how to brand your business to attract customers
Do you struggle with how to brand your business? Branding is you telling customers the impression you would like them to have of you. It is discovering what the customer wants and not guessing. It is finding your core values and sharing core values with your customers.

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How to Brand Your Business to Stand Out and Relate With Customers

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Do you struggle with how to brand your business? You want your business to stand out and be different from the competitors and successfully tell what you stand for. But you do not know how to do this.

You picked out some colors and a logo and are now stumped about where to go from there. Do you wonder what branding has to do with your small business? Do you get disheartened when trying to figure out all the pieces?

We all get frustrated with the concept of branding. Especially if we compare our efforts to those of a large company. But, it does work for small businesses.

So what’s it all about? Read the steps below and study the examples, and you will be on your way to branding your business.

Let’s jump right in.

Do you really know what the customer wants?

The first step is discovering what your customers want. Being able to deliver an unmet want or uniquely deliver your service will make your business stand out. Customers will only come if you are giving them what they want. So spend some time researching what your customer is looking for from your service. You will see increase sales.

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Do you really know what your customers want?

Examples of customer wants:

An example of discovering what the customer wanted was different from what they thought is  Death Wish Coffee. The company found their customers didn’t care about taste; they just wanted a strong coffee. They delivered by creating the Death Wish Coffee brand.

  • Never guess;
  • Always research; and
  • You may be surprised.

Brand your business to reflect what your customer wants is always a winning strategy.

An example of special delivery of a service is another coffee trend. Someone discovered taking a few seconds to draw an image in the cream with a toothpick would make their coffee popular. Now, most places have adopted this, and their customers are still willing to pay more for it.

A special delivery of services can be:

  • Inexpensive;
  • A unique way of packaging; or
  • What you offer for personalized assistance.

Here’s how to do it yourself. Think about what you do differently, and that makes you stand out. Use this to brand your business based on what the customer wants.

Are core values part of branding?

Yes they are very much apart of branding.

The second step is deciding what you value beyond profits. It is your company culture, how you interact with customers, and establishing policies based on core values. If your values align with your customer’s values, you will have a winning brand builder.

Don’t hesitate to put together a set of core values for your business. It is not as difficult as you may think and is an essential step when you brand your business.

Examples of core values:

For example, let’s look at  Imperfect Food. This company delivers produce that is deformed and rejected by grocery stores at a lower price. However, they emphasized one of their core values which are to stop food waste. This elevated them above a cheap misshapen produce vendor to a company that cares about the planet and attracts like-minded people to it.

Your core values are reflected in your product/service, so…

  • Clearly state how your service is based on a core value;
  • The core values that your target customer shares will attract them to you; and
  • Consider collaborating with other like-minded businesses/organizations to reinforce your image of supporting the cause.

College Hunks Hauling Junk: This business started as two college hunks doing local jobs. As the company expanded and not all their employees were college-aged hunks, they made hunks into an acronym reflecting one of their core values—something you may consider with your business.

Acronyms ….

  • Can be funny or serious;
  • Can be memorable if short;
  • Are a great way to tell customers about your core values; and
  • Are helpful for an established business wanting to refresh its image.

Can you brand your business to create an impression?

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Just because your product is quirky doesn’t mean your website has to be.

The purpose of branding is to create a impression of your product for the public.

The third step is putting the first two together and create your brand. Branding is how you would like the customer to view you as a business. It uses a variety of methods to do this. It is the general tone of your business, such as casual, authoritative, etc. The emotion you want to express cheerful, serious, etc., and what makes you unique.

You have already done the hard part. Now put it together to create the image you want to portrait using colors, slogans, and pictures.

Examples of branding:

Finfolk Productions: This is a quirky business that sells anything mermaid-tails, leggings with scale designs, bras, etc. You would almost expect their website to be as different as their product. Still, they decided to let the products shine and use a tropical setting to brand their business.

Branding tips:

  • You don’t have to be quirky just because your product is;
  • Your branding should reflect your product or service in some way; and
  • You may be whimsical with your branding, but you need to combine it with being professional.

YelloDumpster: We are going from whimsical to practical. There isn’t much to be said about a company that rents dumpsters. To make itself memorable, they decided to use yellow. Their dumpsters are yellow, and their website’s background is yellow. The website is simple and as basic as its product. The connection between their product and their name is easy to remember.

Here’s how it works…when other forms of branding don’t work for you or your business, please consider using a signature color to brand yourself.


In short, branding involves three steps.

  • Finding what your customer wants;
  • Establishing your core values; and
  • Combining the two to create a cohesive impression of your business.

Brand your business to showcase what makes it unique. Then watch your business grow.

Action: You start by discovering what your customers want. Please go to ‘Know What Customers Want and How to Increase Sales‘ and begin your list.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney

You can do it with CheapAsDiy.

What do you consider unique about your business? Do you stress core values, a slogan, a color, etc.?

Please tell us below about them.

DIY does not mean you have to do it yourself. If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear them.

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