Must-Have Filmora 11 Resources for Beginners


Why Filmora 11 is a great tool for beginners on youtube

is Filmora better for beginners than Adobe products Like premiere pro or after effects? There are many reasons why I believe Fillmore to be the best beginner software and even powerful enough if you’re looking to master your videos. It’s simple enough to use yet robust with features! And it has a very affordable price

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, with Filmora’s timeline-based video editing tools and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can seamlessly select, trim, and join your clips with just the click of a button.

Advanced Editing Functions Add More Possibilities to Your Video


About Fillmore features And media

It also offers many powerful features, including 100+ visual effects like transitions, motion graphics, Pan & Zoom, Chroma Key, and many more to give your videos a professional edge. Filmora 11 even provides some royalty-free Media for you to use in case you don't have any of your own. It also has music, sound effects, and image That you can use in your project to enhance it further.

video stabilization

Plus, with its powerful video stabilization tool, you can ensure that your footage looks smooth and professional.

audio ducking

You can also make use of its audio ducking feature to automatically lower background noise when someone is speaking in a video clip. With Filmora's powerful editing tools, you'll easily create videos like a pro!

animation Add with a keyframes

Adding keyframing to your videos can add a lot of dynamism and energy, making them more interesting to watch. What is keyframing? In Filmora 11, keyframing is the process of setting points in your video clip and then telling the software how you want your clip to look between those points. You can add all sorts of effects to your video by adjusting the keyframes.

motion tracking

Motion tracking can help you follow moving objects in your video,

Motion tracking can be used to track and follow a specific object or person in your video. This can be used to create effects such as a logo following someone around or to add an extra layer of realism to an effect by making it follow the motion of the objects in the scene.

Speed control

speed ramping can create a dramatic effect by slowly speeding up or slowing down footage.

Split screen

Split screen can be used to show multiple angles or perspectives simultaneously,

green screen

The green screen can insert new backgrounds or scenes into your video.

Video masking

Mask and blend allow you to selectively obscure or reveal parts of your video.

With all these powerful features, Filmora is the best option for editing your videos. If you want an easy way to create professional-like quality content without having any previous experience or knowledge in video-editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CS6+, then this might be just what you need!

In conclusion

While Adobe has been known for its high-quality video outputs and Adobe provides the best video editing software, in my opinion, there is no real substitution for Adobe products. However, Fillmore does an impressive job, and I still recommend using Fillmore for its ease of use and affordability. Especially for beginners.

So download Fillmore now and try it for free

you can use most of the features for free and get in tryout. Just puts a watermark on your videos until you purchase


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